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Furygan WR15

Long known as a company that thinks outside the box, Furygan's textiles have not always followed the success of their leather jackets by walking the other way…
But all that's changed for 2013 and the launch of several jackets that are silhouette-wise as conventional as they come, and all the better for it.
The motivation for this harsh rendezvous with reality was Furygan's decision to meet or exceed the level 2 CE approval voluntarily. Not to be confused with jackets that just include or endorse Level 2 armour, LEVEL 2 approval, is ratification that the whole jacket, stitching, shell, zips and cordura or leather quality itself is of the highest standards, and to obtain this certification, Furygan has gone back to conventional shapes for several of its new jackets.
As far as I am concerned, they are preaching to the converted. Long having been a guy that walks the other way to the rest of humanity, and with a decade's experience as a road tester and a despatch rider behind me, I've never believed that one jacket could do it all, and as such have always bought my leathers small and my textiles slightly larger, in the knowledge that should there are going to be times on most rides when you want to wear both to retain the protection that only leather can give you while at the same time staying nice and toasty and dry.
Having said that, the WR15 is one of the only jackets that I would wear as a stand alone item especially if I was out on the bike all day, as it has pretty much trebled the abrasion quality of previous textile jackets in the Furygan line up, doubled the impact resistance, improved the thermal qualities by 35% and, just as importantly, jettisoned all the slightly quirky Furygan ways of doing things that has sometimes made the French claim that the English 'sont bizarre' slightly ironic…
Though I've always hankered over the more saturday-night-fever-fit of the shorter sport cut textiles in the Furygan line up notably first the Vertigo and now the Titan, I am still a firm believer in covering one's ass and so the cut of the WR15, much more conventional than its similar WR9 and Warrior predecessors, fits me perfectly and feels far more protective.
Despite following the lines of a normal 3/4 length jacket (which of course as we all know have really become 5/8ths over the years) Furygan have still managed to bequeath the WR a snugger fit than most courtesy of nothing more complicated than their years of cutting genius and precision which you just cannot get from schoolchildren in the phillipines…It goes without saying that the lining is detachable and that their are two zips, one short and one long, for connecting to most trousers in the Furygan range, leather or textile and not a few in some other manufacturer's clothing line ups…
Particular touches I like on the WR are the luxo lining, the thoughtful vents on shoulder and back and the thoughtful phone/ key pocket on the inside of the forearm. For riding a conventional bike, that is one where there are gears and a clutch and a riding position which doesn't put your back into a curve like a banana, the WR is the leader of the pack for under 250 quid, and you'd have to double your money at the Nordic alters of Rukka or Harlvesson to notice any difference.

Stylmartin Legend


As the 2-wheeled market moves inexorably away from sports bikes towards naked, cruisers, adventure and dual purpose bikes so race boots look increasingly out of place and as inappropriate for everyday wear as an 80s hair-do…
Luckily, Stylmartin  have been quietly plying their classic boot styles and perfecting their low volume art for decades as the rest of us lurched from one David Bowie style faux pas to another.
Stylmartin are rare for two reasons. Firstly they are the sort of company who recognise they are very good at one thing and one thing only  - making boots - a traditional and painstakingly skilful craft which CANNOT be imitated in a year of even a generation in an unskilled Polynesian factory staffed by primary school children. And secondly, and most importantly, they continue to be motivated by the excellence of their products and not the excellence of their bank account, so that they haven't followed the lead of other famous footwear fabricators such as Alpine Stars, who last made a pair of boots in the Alps (or anything else for that matter) over a decade ago.
There are so many good boots in the Stylmartin range that it's hard to choose just one, but certainly the RS Legend stands out for one good reason - there is no other company making a boot anything as like as good in this classic cowboy boot genre - if at all. And if they were they'd probably be charging twice as much for the privilege.
The genius of shoes is not the look, of course, but the fit. And as soon as you pull them on, you know these are the products of experts. Not only are they exquisitely proportioned, but this divinely accurate anatomy does not appear to have been compromised by the internal sympatex waterproof liner…That's right, you read right. Not only are these the best looking, best made, best fitting casual full length bespoke bike boot on the market, but they are also WATERPROOF, so that they would be just as useful sitting in the washed out fields of English summer pop festivals as riding a bonneville back from Brighton…
Available in light tan or dark tan (almost black) we continue to be staggered that something made so delicately and exactly from leather can be cheaper than a plastic/lorica race boot punched out in a mould in moldavia..
Frankly, at £165 for such exquisite ped protection, you are having it away on your toes…

Icon Elsinore Boots


Just when you thought it couldn't get any better value-for-money than the RS Legend, along comes the ICON Elsinore, not just the best value for money full-length boot in the bike market at a pro-rata rate that would barely get a Dainese past your ankle, but without a doubt the most original and downright funky design since ICON's last iconic entrant, the long lamented, Motorhead, a pair of mine of which continues to do service 6 years after I bought them, albeit in, er, slightly vented form…
Icon, in fact, kicked off the whole shin-high half motored boot style, so beautifully subsequently plagiarised by the bigger brands, but nobody ever did it as well as the original, including Icon themselves whose later Super Duty, Field Armour etc, were either just a bit too lame or a bit too village people to be seen in off the bike….Not so the Elsinore. This is a boot so purposeful looking that it immediately bequeathes not just the authentic round-the-worldness of Ewan McGregor but the genuine cognescentiness of the despatch rider who knows only too well the tib and fib defending qualities of the motard/motocross/trials design.
Best of all, being well aware of the ageing osteopathy of the average 21st century biker, Icon have equipped the Elsinore with a cunning inside flank zip that makes bending down for half an hour while losing consciousness doing the half dozen outside buckles up redundant. These bad boys literally just slip on.
The Elsinore's are everything you could ask for out of a hybrid styled bike boot except one thing - they are not deliberately, expressly waterproof, which is kinda weird for a company based in the rainiest place in the whole world - Washington state. A place that bequeathed so much misery it gave rise to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. And there's no doubt that Kurt or Dave would have worn a pair of Elsinores on stage as well as on their Harleys if one hadn't kicked off to to Beverley Hills and the other to Heavenly Hills…
Available in dark tan or black and in cunning half sizes all the way from yank 8 to 14 (UK 13 equiv) they are, quite simply so cool you will struggle to take them off before bed time…